Could not parse output, bad xml for package: dell_dup_componentid_00159

We sometimes see problems updating our Dell machines to the latest firmware, ie. update_firmware --yes fails:

Running updates...
-	Installing dell_dup_componentid_00159 - 1.11.0Installation failed for
package: dell_dup_componentid_00159 - 1.11.0
aborting update...

The error message from the low-level command was:

Could not parse output, bad xml for package: dell_dup_componentid_00159

Dell have been unable to tell me why this is, or provide a fix or workaround.

Here’s what I did to get the firmware installed:

Note: that 1.11.0 is the version and could be different from the version you want to install.

Identify the component for which the update is being installed. In this case that is dell_dup_componentid_00159.

Find the update for that component under /usr/share/firmware/dell:

# find /usr/share/firmware/dell -name "dell_dup_componentid_00159*"

Output example:

# /usr/share/firmware/dell/dup/system_ven_0x1028_dev_0x028c/dell_dup_componentid_00159_version_1.11.0

Install the update:

# cd /usr/share/firmware/dell/dup/system_ven_0x1028_dev_0x028c/dell_dup_componentid_00159_version_1.11.0
# dellBiosUpdate -f PER410-010407.hdr -u

Output after install:

Performing BIOS update...
Update successfully staged. Reboot the system to begin BIOS update.
No reboot option specified. The --reboot option is highly recommended.

As this is a system BIOS update, it is necessary to reboot for the update to be finalised. Without the –reboot option (from the output above) you can choose yourself when to reboot your system.

# reboot

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